Global Wizard Shipment Wizard - Packing List (Ocean Container)

If your organization wants to include a Packing List (Ocean Container), you can easily generate this document with Global Wizard. This particular packing list does not includes individual package weights/sizes, as it assumes the shipment includes only full container loads. Using the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard module, you can build documents using particular shipment information to rapidly create these documents according to your organization's practices.

Global Wizard can generate packing lists with the values per container broken out in the details section; however, as some countries, such as Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil,) prefer that your packing lists not include this information, Global Wizard can generate the packing lists with no values instead.

Global Wizard can produce packing lists in either portrait or landscape format in easy-to-print Portable Document Format (PDF) files:

Global Wizard Shipment Wizard packing list sample - portrait
packing list sample - portrait
Global Wizard Shipment Wizard packing list sample - landscape
packing list sample - landscape

To see the packing lists that Global Wizard can generate for shipments that include differing package sizes, see Packing List (Break Bulk).

Learn how the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard module enables you to generate shipping documents or contact us for a complete demonstration.

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