Global Wizard and NAFTA

Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard document generator provides a Web-based, easy-to-use solution to generating all North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) documents you need when shipping between participating North American countries. By entering your shipment data once, you can generate the multitude of documents required to ensure your compliance with shipping authorities, including Canadian Customs, United States Customs, and so on.

Using the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard module, you create a set of standard entities, companies with whom you do business, and a standard set of products and packaging that your organization ships. Then, when you create an individual shipment, you specify the source country and the destination country. Shipment Wizard detects the required documents you'll need, including the NAFTA shipping documents if you're shipping from the United States to Canada or Mexico, from Canada to Mexico or the United States, or from Mexico to Canada or the United States. Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard takes the standard data and shipment-specific information and combines them to produce the NAFTA Certificate of Origin in English, Spanish, and French or Canadian Customs documents such as the C1 Canadian Customs Invoice, B13 Canadian Export Declaration, or E15 Canadian Certificate of Destruction/Export.

Because Exits, Inc., hosts the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard, you can create, edit, save, recall previous shipments, print, and e-mail all NAFTA and Canadian Customs Forms from your office, home, or hotel. End repetitive typing or entry—Global Wizard saves every shipment for reuse. No courier service, no faxing; use Global Wizard to e-mail all documents.

You can use Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard, or you can print the following documents and open a ballpoint pen:

NAFTA Certificate of Origin - CBP Form 434 (online)

Global Wizard provides a very affordable and easy-to-use application to eliminate keying and redundant data entry. Generate these forms, save them, print them, and distribute them through e-mail. No software or hardware required just an Internet browser. Save time and money.

Learn more how the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard module enables you to generate shipping documents or contact us for a complete demonstration.