Global Wizard Documents

When you enter your shipment information into the Global Wizard Shipment Wizard, you can then produce a number of documents for that shipment, including many documents required by regulating authorities and/or custom documents to fit your shipping process.

Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard module ensures efficiency and helps to prevent errors caused by mistyping repetitive information. Your organization enters the data for your products, your shipping entities, and your customers once and then builds shipments as needed, specifying the particulars for each shipment and then producing the relevant documents.

Companies shipping within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) area will find that Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard accommodates trade between member states and produces the relevant documents in English, Spanish, or French. For more information, see NAFTA and Global Wizard.

Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard module eases the document generation process by:

As a sample, Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard produces the following documents:

How are they generated?


Export/Import Documents

Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard module produces many different export documents and also import documents. Most documents include your corporate logo and be e-mailed to the shipment's parties or anyone else you designate.

For more information about Shipment Wizard itself, visit the Shipment Wizard main page.