Global Wizard - Commercial Invoice

In most international shipments, the commercial invoice serves as the primary document. As with supporting documents, Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard module can create this document easily using a standard set of data entered for your organization combined with specific details of an individual shipment.

Exits, Inc., can customize your commercial invoice to add your company logo, to include more information that your organization wants to appear on the document, and to match your existing company documentation's look and feel.

Commercial invoices generated by Global Wizard's Shipment Wizard module can include any number of clauses defined by your organization in the detail section and can also include the logged-in user's digital signature in a signature clause.

Global Wizard can produce commercial invoices in either portrait or landscape format in easy-to-print Portable Document Format (PDF) files:

Global Wizard Shipment Wizard commercial invoice sample - portrait
commercial invoice sample - portrait
Global Wizard Shipment Wizard commercial invoice sample - landscape
commercial invoice sample - landscape
These samples include some Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) information; however, in certain circumstances and in certain destination countries, your organization may wish not to include this information. You can also generate these commercial invoices without HTS information.

Sample documents require Adobe Reader. Get Adobe Reader