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Not Yet Exporting?

Heather Noggle   August 9, 2017   Comments Off on Not Yet Exporting?

You should be!  This video is worth 3 minutes of your time, for sure.  Check out the blog where it’s posted, too:

Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency, and…not suprising…Technology!

Heather Noggle   August 7, 2017   Comments Off on Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency, and…not suprising…Technology!

I do so love the Global Trade blog – so many good posts across so many topics. This particular post discusses automation and its role in increasing and reducing all of the things we want to increase and reduce, respectively: “Technology is enabling a much greater degree of automation in… Read more »

Global Value Chains

Heather Noggle   August 3, 2017   Comments Off on Global Value Chains

A post on Global Trade in July discussed Global Value Chains and challenges in implementing in some countries. Here’s that article and some others to read further about Global Value Chains. First, some information from this article: GVCs create new opportunities for developing countries, increase their participation in global markets and… Read more »