ACE, AES, and PGA requirements for the EPA

Heather Noggle   January 17, 2018   Comments Off on ACE, AES, and PGA requirements for the EPA

Four three-letter acronymns in one title! Let’s define them:

ACE: Automated Commercial Environment – the US government’s platform for data management pertaining to all things import and export.

AES: The Automated Export System (now in ACE) – report your export data here for qualifying shipments (typically those > 2500 in value, but that’s a greatly oversimplified explanation).

PGA: Partner Government Agency (relevant to AES in ACE).

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency.

In short, what we’re reporting today is that as of 12/31/2017, the EPA’s segment of the PGA reporting is mandatory in AES, which is in ACE.¬† There are four required Schedule B/HTS numbers involved (at the commodity level), and there are dozens of other Schedule B/HTS numbers that are allowed for EPA filing. You can find the full list in Appendix X of the AESTIR. The process in AES in ACE replaces the paper method of reporting this information.

Record formats for the data are availabile in the AESTIR in Appendix Q. Five data elements are necessary per qualifying commodity, including EPA Consent Number, the RCRA Manifest Tracking Number, the EPA Net Quantity Unit of Measure and the actual EPA Net Quantity. The fifth data element is an indicator that the commodity qualifies for filing.

(Notice I left you to define AESTIR on your own, lest you become complacent). Until the next episode of alphabet soup definitions hour…