Global Growth Resources

Heather Noggle   November 30, 2017   Comments Off on Global Growth Resources

As businesses, we all strive for growth, and with that I mean the right kind of growth.  We have to not be clunky in our efforts.  We must plan, and we must measure. Good resources on how to do that are invaluable.

The move from domestic to domestic+international sales can be daunting.  Expanding your efforts beyond your first foray into multiple avenues – equally daunting, if not more.

We are clearly interested and invested in moving goods from one country to another.  An article by Laurel Delaney, found in the balance is a good place to begin.

Laurel notes one of my favorites, which is full of humor – the Export Law Blog. The site may look right out of 1999, but there’s some serious analysis in here as to where laws conflicts and the unintended consequences of same (legal language intentional).

Read them all, including Ms. Delaney’s own primary site,

Best new find for me – ANSI’s blog: