Logistics and Digital Transformation

Heather Noggle   October 27, 2017   Comments Off on Logistics and Digital Transformation

The 4PL – abstract logistics management.

No fleet of vehicles, no warehouses, no transport equipment: 4PL providers manage supply chains without any of their own assets. A business model that, only a few years ago, still occupied a mere niche market in the shadow of the big logistics companies is now experiencing an upsurge thanks to digitization, the experts observe.

We’ve been talking about scenarios such as this here for years in reference to Global Wizard. Are you an NVOCC looking to handle your paperwork and generate/disseminate it from a central location?  We can do that…and so much more.

Struggling with Excel and Word but still ahead of your competitors – growing but finding challenges in keeping up?  Today’s source from Global Trade is a broad topic of the digital in logistics management.  We are a proven product that’s been helping pave the way since 2003.  Contact Us to learn more about what we have to offer your company.