Brexit, Brexit, and Dare I Say Brexit

Heather Noggle   September 29, 2017   Comments Off on Brexit, Brexit, and Dare I Say Brexit

Gradual.  Iterative.  These are the new words attached to commentary about how Brexit may unfurl through its implementation.

Ms. May stressed the importance of a gradual implementation period, rather than what has been called “the cliff’s edge”. To provide citizens and business with “valuable certainty,” the integration period should be strictly time-limited and guaranteed to run from March 29, 2019 until March 29, 2021.

Ms. May also addressed a critical sticking point, namely that the UK would cover its share of Brexit costs estimated to be anywhere from 20 to 100 billion euros. This will continue to be a critical sticking point with the EU that stakeholders and observers will be watch in the coming week.

This seems…logical. But, perhaps, there’s more to this:

At the same time, Ms. May also made remarks that are cause for trepidation. While acknowledging the UK’s past, present and future is inherently tied to Europe, she succinctly summed up what lies at the heart of Brexit by stating; “We never felt at home in the EU.”

What do we know?  Change is coming, and it has key dates. Change is rarely perfectly smooth.

The article I’m quoting is here in its entirety: