Schedule B and HTS Valid for Export

Heather Noggle   September 22, 2017   Comments Off on Schedule B and HTS Valid for Export

The US government posts its Schedule B classifications used for tracking trade statistics, but did you know many HTS numbers are also valid for export use?

The best place to begin for full understanding is with U.S. Census on the Schedule B Page. There are four sections – Search, Browse, Download, and Obsolete Codes.

The Download section contains computer-readable files, and we use these files as source for our validation tables. The U.S. Government can updates these files sets as many as 4 or 5 times a year, so to stay current, you can request that your company be added to receive the most recent amalgamated list by contacting us at or via our Contact Us page.

Interesting items?

  • If you’re new to Schedule B/HTS classification, visit this blog post from Wilmarth & Associates talking about the requirements.
  • The last update to the fileset was August 2, 2017.
  • Global Wizard bases its validation list on the export codes.  It then adds all of the import codes that are also valid for export.  Many companies like the expanded list of this combination because often the import and export HTS code can then be the same, negating the need to keep two codes affiliated with the same product.
  • Some updates to these codes are extensive, and some are merely description changes.
  • There are zero, one, or two reporting quantities that the government wants to collect, based on the HTS classification. You should keep current on how your products report to the US government.
  • More on why we we use Schedule B + HTS valid for export
  • This is an aside, but Global Wizard still produces the old, deprecated SED form for our customers, showing only those commodities that meet the criteria to be files for AES in ACE.  This can be quite helpful to see the roll-ups of the products and pass this information along to your forwarder if you’re not yet ready to self file.

Global Wizard is a registered AES filing software provider for the ACE platform.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your company.