Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency, and…not suprising…Technology!

Heather Noggle   August 7, 2017   Comments Off on Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency, and…not suprising…Technology!

I do so love the Global Trade blog – so many good posts across so many topics. This particular post discusses automation and its role in increasing and reducing all of the things we want to increase and reduce, respectively:

“Technology is enabling a much greater degree of automation in trucking, aviation, and railroads,” said Joe Kennedy, ITIF’s senior fellow and the report’s author. “Each industry is also struggling to integrate this new technology because of overly restrictive and unbalanced regulations. Done right, automation can increase productivity, lower costs, reduce accidents, and ease labor shortages. Regulators need to get the balance right between innovation and safety to maintain our national competitiveness in leading industries while increasing productivity and raising living standards.”

No disagreement here.  We’re all about technology and as much automation as is feasible. Some key points in the article:

  • Welcome technology. (Global Wizard, at your service, by the way).
  • Acknowledge the other forces encouraging companies to act responsibly.
  • Allow for different futures.
  • Distinguish between substantially different technologies.
  • Provide regulators the necessary resources.
  • Make timely regulatory decisions.

While this article is adjacent to what we do, it points to technology as the solution to so much of what ails an age-old process of getting things where they need to go.  We do hope you’ll contact us about our solutions and how they fit in your portfolio of automation.