Proposed Border-Adjustment Taxes

Heather Noggle   July 3, 2017   Comments Off on Proposed Border-Adjustment Taxes

Affectionately (or not) acronymized as BAT, Border-Adjustment Taxes are the subject of a complex an interesting article we wish to highlight.

The Global Trade Magazine blog posts thus here.

Like any controversial legislative proposal, the border-adjustment tax has spawned a great deal of conjecture about what the potential impacts could be. While the National Retail Federation published a study that finds the tax could translate into a 15-percent price hike on consumer products (an additional $1,700 per family per year), large manufacturers, such as Boeing and Dow Chemical, have publicly urged Congress to implement the tax, suggesting it would make US-manufactured goods more competitive abroad and in America.

The article provides a balanced approach and some detail into the frenzy of “what if” discussion and reminds us all that sweeping corporate policy changes don’t happen overnight.  The advice?  Plan. Gather and protest if you must, but plan.  More manufacturing in the US?  Focus on that.