US and China Trade Agreement

Heather Noggle   June 20, 2017   Comments Off on US and China Trade Agreement

Made in China.  You see it everywhere, as US importers work a lot with Chinese entities. The US and China have been working toward a trade deal aimed at boosting US exports. How? Well, food, gas, and financial tech. In Mid-July, a new trade agreement with China will be implemented.

Beef – it’s what’s for dinner.  Because of concerns for Mad Cow disease, beef imports from the US were banned in China, but this ban will be lifted.

Liquified Natural Gas may not be something you consider much, but the highly populated Chinese nation is in definite need of energy sources to reduce its dependency on coal.  Under this new agreement, China will import US-produced liquified natural gas.

The last is additional access to the US banking system and electronic payment services and credit rating services.