Heather Noggle   May 30, 2017   Comments Off on Automagic!

When work you’ve already completed no longer needs to be redone in another area, you realize serious savings in time and pain.  Global Wizard can receive and use your data from your back-end computer system “automagically” so that when you visit the software, your previous work is there for you to build on.

Entities/parties to the shipment and their addresses?  You can send that!  Products and their details?  You can send that, too.  By the time you visit a Global Wizard shipment, your data can be waiting for you. That same data can then be pushed to your Forwarder or to AES in ACE in addition to populating your documents.

Interested?  It’s simple – contact us  and ask about our web service data integration. We have a web service to populate data into Global Wizard and another that allows you to retrieve shipment data out of Global Wizard.  We have other adjacent but equally awesome web services to run Denied Persons screening and also ask and receive information from our Requirements Guide.

We look forward to hearing from you. Automatic magic = automagic.