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Heather Noggle   May 11, 2017   Comments Off on Export Documents – Manage Yours

We’ve long said this, since our software helps you simplify and manage your document generation process.  Manage your documents – keep them consistent and compliant, and store them well.

An article with excellent advice and a publication date of tomorrow highlights key points of managing your export document processes.  Global Wizard helps you govern these areas:

3 Quick Tips to Managing Export Documents More Effectively

Alan Majchrzak, director of customs brokerage services for DHL Express, offered these three key tips for exporters to ensure they’re managing their documentation process effectively:

1. Know Your Commodities: Commodity based controls, such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) place restrictions on commodities that may have military or other strategic uses, including dual, commercial and military use. “The most important point would be fully understand the commodities being exported and possible uses,” he says “Then, know to whom the goods are being sold and what that party is going to do with them.”

2. Do You Need a Certificate of Origin? “These certificates serve two purposes depending upon the destination country,” Majchrzak says. “Some destinations require the certificate as a condition of release where the goods are not permitted into the country without one. In other countries, the certificate is required to obtain a preferential rate of duty. The goods will be permitted into the country without the certificate, but at a higher rate of duty.  A NAFTA certificate is an example.”

3. Know the Terms of Sale:  Make sure documents clearly state who is going to be responsible for freight charges, customs clearance as well as duty and delivery charges.

The article in full can be found here on the IndustryWeek.com website. A bit more about this content, though.

Global Wizard assists you with managing your product master with classification constraints. Keep your Schedule B/HTS valid for export numbers per product.  Set your ECCN per product.  Know you’ll be successful in mantaining your data.  You’ve put forth the effort to classify everything correctly – we ensure your documents reflect that work.

Standard Certificate of Origin? NAFTA Certificate of Origin?  CAFTA? US/Chile.  Whether you’re shipping under a free trade agreement like many mentioned above or must simply produce a Standard Certificate of Origin, Global Wizard uses your stored data to produce these documents.  Store completed documents using Global Wizard’s storage capability cleverly named “Document Storage.”  This enables you to keep all export documents for a shipment – whether we generated them or you did – in a single place for easy retrieval and audit?

Terms of Sale – Global Wizard clearly prints Inco terms (and applicable destinations where provided) on Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists. Customized clauses allow users to print text on other documents, and that can include Inco terms where users determine that’s necessary.

Take control of your export documentation.  We’re here to help!  Contact us for more information.