AES in ACE – Upcoming Changes: Original ITN

Heather Noggle   April 25, 2017   Comments Off on AES in ACE – Upcoming Changes: Original ITN

On July 18th of this year the US government will add to AES and expect where appropriate an optional data element of original ITN. This change will enable exporters to designate a split or changed shipment that requires an additional filing.

We reported this inĀ April of last year, but the final rule removes the used electronics indicator noted there.

FromĀ the source.

The Census Bureau is adding a new original Internal Transaction Number (ITN) data element. The original ITN is an optional data element that can be used if a previously filed shipment is replaced or divided and for which a new EEI record(s) must be filed. The addition of the original ITN will assist the export trade community and enforcement agencies in verifying that a filer completed the mandatory filing requirements for the original shipment and any additional shipment(s).

So, coming soon to Global Wizard: the Original ITN field. If you’re looking for a brain teaser, consider when the split shipments get split and there are multiple levels of ITN chained together.

Happy exporting!