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FTA News

Heather Noggle   April 27, 2017   Comments Off on FTA News

The US government seems inclined to consider renegotiation of the US/Korea FTA due to a doubled trade deficit and in the wake of the demise of the TPP to also seek a bilateral US/Japan FTA. Rumblings around the web: Global Wizard’s Shipment Wizard generates the US/Korea… Read more »

The FDA: Calling all Food Importers

Heather Noggle   April 26, 2017   Comments Off on The FDA: Calling all Food Importers

At the end of May 2017, the US government will require stringent evidence of food safety practices and concerns under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  The end of May looms, so ensure your programs are in place to appropriately monitor and report the data needed by the government upon… Read more »

Schedule B/HTS Update from US Government Last Week

Heather Noggle   April 24, 2017   Comments Off on Schedule B/HTS Update from US Government Last Week

Last week the US government published updates to the Schedule B and HTS valid for export lists.  There were no new numbers in this update, but several descriptions changed and a couple of reporting quantities. To retrieve a full list of current data, you may contact us at or within Global Wizard… Read more »

Global Wizard New Commercial Invoices

Heather Noggle   April 20, 2017   Comments Off on Global Wizard New Commercial Invoices

At the end of April, Global Wizard will release new versions of Commercial Invoices displaying both gross and net weight to facilitate trade document requirements with Brazil and other countries. Both portrait and landscape versions will be released, each with an option to display the first 6 of the HTS… Read more »

Export Compliance Programs

Heather Noggle   April 18, 2017   Comments Off on Export Compliance Programs

Government recommendations are that each exporting firm determine, document, and adhere to export compliance best practices by putting together an Export Compliance program, and to that aim BIS offers a comprehensive PDF to help your company tailor its Export Compliance Program. Element 3 discusses Screening, and Global Wizard’s Denied Persons module… Read more »

Cross-Border Trade and eCommerce

Heather Noggle   April 17, 2017   Comments Off on Cross-Border Trade and eCommerce

Considering updating your eCommerce knowledge?  The ITA is offering a webinar series this week. One of the main eCommerce issues companies face, time and time again when handling cross-border eCommerce transactions is the payment process. With credit cards being the most common form of payment associated with these transactions, there… Read more »