Harmonized Destination Control Statement

Heather Noggle   August 26, 2016   Comments Off on Harmonized Destination Control Statement

CTP reports: With the efforts underway for Export Control Reform, BIS has recently published final rules regarding the harmonization of the Destination Control Statement across ITAR and EAR shipments (and those containing products of both designations).

The purpose of the DCS is to notify consignees and end users that the shipment is subject to U.S. export controls and that diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. Prior to the final rule, the EAR required exporters to include a DCS on certain export control documents while the ITAR had a similar requirement but utilized slightly different verbiage. The ECR initiative has led to an increased number of shipments featuring both ITAR- and EAR-controlled items. The harmonized DCS aims to simplify export clearance requirements and address this issue so exporters don’t have to determine which DCS to use.

When the final rule is in effect, the DCS becomes simpler for sure.  Please read the whole article to get the full information.