FTA Documents in Global Wizard

Heather Noggle   July 19, 2016   Comments Off on FTA Documents in Global Wizard


Documents here, documents there. Global Wizard’s Shipment Wizard generates documents, and we offer many Free Trade Agreement documents amongst our selection for what we can provide within shipments. They are:

  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) – in English, Spanish, or French
  • CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)
  • US/Chile Free Trade Agreement
  • US/Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • US/Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • US/Israel Free Trade Agreement

Most of these FTAs have official forms where companies can specify – per product – how the different FTA criteria are met. Others, such as US/Australia FTA, not so much.  We’ve always sought to add a US/Australia FTA and seek your input/your form example. The many we have received already differ greatly.

If you’d like access to any of these documents we offer, please contact the support desk.