AES Changes – Moving Toward Being Fully in ACE

AESDirect has moved to operate within the government’s ACE platform.  In a few months some infrastructure changes will be implemented by the government that will affect your filing from Shipment Wizard as AESWeblink transitions over to ACE. Here’s what will happen and how you need to prepare.

  1. First, if you have not already applied for and received an ACE Exporter account, please do so as early as possible.If your company has an ACE Importer account, you’ll merely need to have Exporter access added. If you have questions on how to do this, call the government at 1-866-530-4172.
  2. Continue to use your existing AESDirect login until we transition. We will put reminder alerts about the date as we near to switch to using the AESDirect in ACE login credentials (ACE Exporter account credentials).
  3. Currently, you can submit to AES from Shipment Wizard and then be prompted to log in if you have no active session, meaning you haven’t logged into AES at the time you submit the shipment. This will no longer work, and here is the new process. When you are ready to submit a shipment from Shipment Wizard, you will:
    1. Visit the ACE portal
    2. Log in to AES Direct within ACE using your ACE Exporter account
    3. Transmit the shipment from Shipment Wizard
    4. Confirm the shipment within ACE – it should appear after transmission.
    5. Submit the shipment to AES from within the ACE portal. The shipment isn’t truly filed until this is done without errors.
    6. Return control back to Shipment Wizard.

Our update is that you can now test the process in the test site.  Please contact the help desk at for more information if you’re interested in doing testing.  There are still some bugs within the government’s test site.  We anticipate several weeks of the test server being available before we switch over to the new system.  The deadline to switch to the ACE version of Weblink (where you’ll have to use the new ACE Exporter Account Credentials) is in late April.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get ready to test.

Known issues (ACE, not Shipment Wizard) include lack of Destination Country and lack of Transportation Reference for ocean shipments.  We are transmitting this information to the ACE AES test site, but they are not acknowledging receipt.

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